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02 February 2020 @ 10:22 pm
List of stories and other misc. stuff  
What you'll find here: mostly stuff related to Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, or various adaptations thereof.

I do have other fandoms (too many of them!) but I don't post about them so often. Besides Holmes, I read and sometimes write in: Man from UNCLE (TV), Lewis, Due South, Supernatural, Star Trek (TOS), Lupin/Snape, Aubrey/Maturin, Blake's 7, The Professionals, Starsky and Hutch

I'm much more active on livejournal than the entries in this journal would suggest, but mostly in comms, not in posts here. Always happy to meet new people :)

I also made an intro post a while back which you can find here, but it's rather out of date now.

The fic listed below is mostly slash, sometimes gen. Ratings generally erring on the safe side.

I'm slowing uploading everything to AO3, here.

Holmes/Watson (ACD)

Bit of a story arc:

Also when 'tis cold and drear - 28,000 - Mature - alternating POV - In the first months of their acquaintance, Holmes and Watson study each other from a distance, watching and wondering... Contains lunatic aristocratic poets, Christmas dinner, plenty of fog and snow, and other such stuff - Also translated into Italian here (livejournal) or here (EFP)

The Phrase - 9,000 - Mature - Watson's POV - Casefic. Watson longs to hear a certain phrase from Holmes, but the latter seems more interested in solving the case of the Kent Arsonist.

One-shots not connected to the other stories:

Wintry Morning, Victoria Station - 1,700 - PG - Holmes' POV - Watson had come to see me off at the station, that chilly morning in November when a quiet yet momentous shift took place in that strange thing that existed between us. Also available as podfic by Tweedisgood. Polish translation by tehanu here.

Wedded Bliss - 4,500 - Mature - Watson's POV - The latest edition of The Strand contains a paragraph which puts poor Watson through weeks of anxiety.

Avowals - 3,200 - PG - Holmes' POV - A visit to the opera gives Holmes an opportunity to correct a mistake he made many years before. Based on the opera Eugene Onegin. No small amount of angst.

The First Day of Winter - 1,100 - Mature - Watson's POV - Watson is highly amused by his discovery of a little peculiarity of Holmes'. Just a bit of fun :)

A Very Ordinary Man - 6,900 - PG - Watson's POV - Casefic. The disappearance of a lonely, middle-aged clerk prompts a fit of wordiness on Watson's part. Not that Holmes objects... My Holmestice 2011 fic for mainecoon76.

In the Shadow of the Past - 5,800 - Mature - Holmes' POV - Casefic. Holmes would rather have avoided returning with Watson to the Alps, even years after the events at Reichenbach -- from which he's not sure Watson has ever really recovered. Contains a little angst and a lot of affection. Also an abundance of ice and snow. My acd_holmesfest 2012 fic for mistyzeo. Podfic by hardboiledbaby also available here.

Observation, Hypothesis, Prediction, Experiment - 3,900 - PG - Holmes' POV - A trip to Brittany helps Holmes to see past Watson's literary persona. My acd_holmesfest 2013 fic for mainecoon76.

The Rose Grew Round the Briar - 4,000 - G - Holmes' POV - When Holmes has an unexpected encounter with a figment of Watson's imagination, and Watson confesses to a clandestine correspondence, a weekend on the Sussex coast takes a sudden turn for the better. My acd_holmesfest 2013 fic for alafaye.

The Glass Half Full - 2,500 - G - Holmes' POV - Nothing but unspoken words and unspent passions, declarations never made and caresses never given. Holmes and Mary Watson have an after-dinner conversation about Watson. Holmes/Watson (unresolved), Mary/Watson. My Holmestice 2013 fic for fleetwood_mouse.

The Incident with the Bicycle - 2,600 - G - Watson's POV - We know Holmes can ride a bicycle, but when exactly did he learn? My acd_holmesfest 2014 fic for gardnerhill.

Conversations at Simpson's-in-the-Strand - 2,600 - G - Holmes' POV - Holmes doesn't expect a happy ending, but perhaps he'll get one anyway. Set in the early days of their acquaintance. My Summer Holmestice 2015 fic for cleflink.

Holmes gen (ACD)

On Ilkley Moor - 9,000 - PG - alternating POV - A distinguished chemist appears to be cursed. Holmes gets to do some chemistry, Watson gets to suffer a series of unfortunate events and everything is pervaded by a miasma of eeriness.

The Grand Tour - 3,400 so far (WIP) - G - Holmes and Watson spend the hiatus travelling around the world in disguise. High jinks and adventures ensue.

An Act of Contrition - 3,500 - PG - Holmes' POV - Watson lies injured in a field in France, an unopened letter in his pocket. My Holmestice 2012 fic for alone_dreaming.

See Amid the Winter's Snow - 2,300 - Series of ficlets. Mrs Hudson's cigar, an adventure in a boathouse, Dr Watson's proposal, and Holmes' views on mistletoe.

A Great Mouse Detective (gen)

A More Benign Use for Oil of Vitriol - 2,000 - G - An older, sassier Olivia returns to Baker Street, and gets caught up in a little adventure with Dr Dawson. Yuletide 2014 fic for AnInternationalReputation.

Holmes/Watson (Guy Ritchie)

Blue Danube - 1,100 - G - Watson's POV - Why did Holmes first teach Watson to dance? Pure fluff!

Watson's Watch - 3,600 - PG - Holmes' POV - Holmes and Mary understand Watson's secret fears better than he himself. Angst all round.


Love takes up where knowledge leaves off - 2,000 - Explicit - Lewis' POV - Not quite PWP, but close.

In the Beergarden - 700 - PG - Inspired by the famous Hathaway lean!

Coffee and Cigarettes - 2,500 - PG - Hathaway's POV - Hathaway is mad about Lewis, but sometimes he feels like he's trying to balance on a knife-edge.

In vain the am'rous flute and soft guitar - 11,500 - Mature - Alternating POV - That evening they'd ended up in Lewis' bed, for one glorious night they'd never forgotten, and never repeated. Dr Hobson persuades Lewis and Hathaway to attend the annual Oxford Baroque Orchestra's Christmas concert, with unforeseen results. Casefic.

Acts of Kindness - 1,000 - Mature - Hathaway's POV - This was a birthday fic for vsee. Happy Birthday, Vee!

Things We Don't Talk About - 1,100 - PG - Lewis' POV - He's afraid that one day Hathaway will have some sort of crisis of faith, and this thing between them will be the first casualty. Lewis/Hathaway established relationship. Yuletide 2013 fic for luvsbitca.

Due South

Where Comfort's Found - 18,000 - Mature - Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser's POV - "Welsh rounded on me, arms folded. 'Perhaps you could kindly explain to me what the hell Vecchio is doing in Inuvik Regional Hospital?'"

Why I Lied to You - 20,000 - Explicit - Fraser/Kowalski, alternating POV - It's 1930, and Ray Kowalski is undercover. Contains bootleggers, Al Capone, adventures on the river Detroit... and a rather unusual Canadian Customs Officer. Also available as podfic by Queue.

Contentment - 3,000 - Mature - Fraser/Kowalski - All you gotta do is ask, says Ray. Intellectually, Fraser understands that, but it just doesn't seem to apply to him. Written to be podficced by Andeincascade, podfic available at same link.

The Way the World Is - 20,000 - Mature - Vecchio's POV, Fraser/Kowalski established relationship - Two years post-COTW, Ray Vecchio is back at the 2-7. Then the consequences of a murder inquiry make RayV start to wonder whether Fraser's keeping secrets from him.


A Heated Correspondence - 3,400 - Mature - A series of fiery missives and peculiar parcels fly back and forth across the Castle. Set during POA


Listening Comprehension - 2,700 - Mature - Erik loves Charles for precisely the same reason he fears him.

Monster - 4,300 - Mature - Five years post-DOFP, Charles reaches out to Erik again. The problem is, Erik has decided that when Charles called him a monster, he was right.


Watch Your Tongue - 1,900 - PG - The morning after the night before, Bodie and Doyle have a difficult conversation within earshot of a dozen eavesdroppers.

Because the Night - 3,900 - Explicit - Established relationship. Bodie and Doyle are called away from a CI5 party to a dangerous op.

By the way, don't hesitate to point out any historical inaccuracies, canonical inaccuracies, or other stupid mistakes.

Friending: Feel free to friend/defriend at will. If you're here wondering who on earth I am and why I added you, it's probably because I read your fic and I'd like to know when you write some more!

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ringlatringlat on January 25th, 2016 08:53 pm (UTC)
thanks for joining langfic!
Ooh I like Sherlock and Due South... *browses through your fics*
Garonnegaronne on February 14th, 2016 11:58 am (UTC)
Re: thanks for joining langfic!
I just went to take another look at langfic, and saw you have been posting in Esperanto! I must get my old dictionary out and see what I can understand. I remember having fun years ago using Esperanto's word-creating abilities to invent new words for Star Trek fanfic :D
ringlatringlat on February 14th, 2016 01:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah!! Actually I do a ton of stuff with Esperanto in general since I find it so useful (ex. I study Japanese vocabulary with Esperanto, not English), and after I tried it I even found out that it HELPS me write fiction. In English I get caught up on how all the words sound, but in Esperanto I have to rely on what I'm "actually saying" to create the mood, if that makes sense. So I end up thinking about what I'm writing a lot more and am forced to actually picture the scene.

But I spend so much time wasting time or writing nonfiction these days that I hardly ever write fiction anymore! Right now I'm writing a book (in English) on how Esperanto helps you learn every language, not just the major European ones, and I'm trying to get it finished by the 21st...

But anyway, the funnest thing with Esperanto is to do your best to write a fanfic that has tons of words/things that English can't say ; D
Vaysh Swiftstorm: Holmes - glassesvaysh on February 12th, 2016 10:55 pm (UTC)
*waves* thanks for refriending. :)
Garonnegaronne on February 14th, 2016 11:56 am (UTC)
*waves back* Nice to meet you :)
Maeve of Winterwhimsicalnixie on July 17th, 2016 05:25 pm (UTC)
Hey, I noticed your post on an older friending meme (this one: http://denorios.livejournal.com/1323479.html?page=3#comments). I'm trying to be more involved in fandom, and I deeply love all things X-Men. I'm trying to make more connections in fandom, so please let me know if you'd like to be friends. :)
Garonnegaronne on July 18th, 2016 07:32 pm (UTC)
Hello. Nice to meet you!

I too made a resolution to be more involved in fandom recently :)

I should warn you I don't post very much about X-men. Though I still love to read the fic, I was really inspired by the recent movie... Maybe because I felt like they tried to cram so much stuff into it! Or are you more of a comics fan?

We have another fandom in common, as a matter of fact: Star Trek! I'm a bit Trek fan, though I've just realised I forgot to mention it in that friending meme. Do you have a favourite series or film? I'm mostly a TOS fan myself.
ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways): Fraser OTWride_4ever on November 7th, 2016 04:14 pm (UTC)
Glad you are uploading all your fic to AO3! Also, I didn't know 'til I read this post that some of your dS fic has been podficced, so yays for that!
Garonnegaronne on November 26th, 2016 12:32 pm (UTC)
Yes, one was even written to be podficced, which is something I love doing (participated several times in a challenge that brings together writers and podficcers). I always have a great admiration for podficcers and think they don't get enough appreciation in fandom!
ride_4ever (or Ride_Forever: seen it both ways): FK handholding ANIMATEDride_4ever on November 26th, 2016 05:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've discussed writing for a podficcer for that pod together thing...and I've lined up a podfic mentor to teach me this coming year about how to podfic.