Garonne (garonne) wrote,

Holmes, Snupin and Lewis fics

Three fics I wrote during the holiday exchange season:

Holmes (ACD)

In the Shadow of the Past for mistyzeo, Holmes/Watson, Mature, 6000 words, for acd_holmesfest

Holmes would rather have avoided returning with Watson to the Alps, even years after the events at Reichenbach -- from which he's not sure Watson has ever really recovered.

Contains a little angst and a lot of affection. Also an abundance of ice and snow.

Snupin Santa

The Boy Who Cried Wolf for tambrathegreat, Lupin/Snape, Mature, 3000 words, for Snupin Santa

During one of the Order meetings, before things fell all to hell, Lupin makes a discovery about Snape and his very real nightmare of a life. Lupin decides to give him some comfort. Snape decides to put Lupin through the paces to get what he wants.


In vain the am'rous flute and soft guitar for hedda62, Hathaway/Lewis, Mature, 11000 words, for lewis_challenge

That evening they'd ended up in Lewis' bed, for one glorious night they'd never forgotten, and never repeated.

Dr Hobson persuades Lewis and Hathaway to attend the annual Oxford Baroque Orchestra's Christmas concert, with unforeseen results. Casefic.

Tags: acd canon, exchanges, fic, holmes/watson, lewis/hathaway, lupin/snape

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