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Dear Yuletide Writer letter

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello dear anon! It's lovely to think we share at least one tiny fandom, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you write. I love all these fandoms, so I'm going to be delighted with whatever you come up with. Feel free to ignore everything I've written below if trying to follow it is giving you a headache and writer's block.

General stuff first:

I would very much appreciate it if you didn't include any of the following: noncon, dubcon, explicit het, mpreg, gender-bending, AUs, crossovers, omegaverse, incest

Things I'm not too keen on, but don't mind reading if you're keen on writing it: hurt/comfort, anything involving supernatural/fantasy elements

References to religion/Christmas are fine and welcome. Fine to leave them out too, of course.

I also tried to put some info about ease/speed of familiarisation with the different fandoms, in case you end up not wanting to write in what we were matched on.

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence gen or Lawrence/Ali would be very welcome. I'm just fascinated by Lawrence's character, contradictions and complexity. I'm not looking for or expecting a happy ending, but rather something in keeping with the tone of the film. If you go for slash, my preference would be for something understated and not too explicit, preferably with a good dose of UST (or RST, if you prefer).

You can also drawn on some details from A Dangerous Man: Lawrence after Arabia, if you like. I've also seen it. Lawrence/Faisal also welcome in that case.

Fandom-specific squicks: It's not a squick, as such, but no Google-translator Arabic or French, please. Actual Arabic or French would be great, however.

Ease of familiarisation - film is easy to find on e.g. youtube. It clocks in at over four hours... but it's worth it, honest!

All Creature's Great and Small

There are a whole host of different stories I'd enjoy in this fandom. James/Tristan is my particular favourite (before Helen is around - no infidelity, please!). I'd enjoy James/Helen too (not explicit, please). A gen story in the light-hearted style of the books/TV series would also be wonderful and very welcome. I just love the personalities of the different characters (including Siegfried, whom I haven't mentioned yet, I know) and I'd like to see them come to life in whatever sort of tale you prefer to write.

Fandom-specific squicks: anything too dark and out of sync with the light-hearted tone of the series.

Ease of familiarisation: episodes on youtube and it's based on a series of books which I've been able to find in public libraries in a couple of different countries. One book or a couple of episodes should be enough to give you a good idea of the characters. It's basically just about their daily lives; there aren't really any super-important canon details or plot twists to worry about.

Sadler's Wells - Veronica and Sebastian

I was always frustrated that in the books, we got to see very little of their life after they finally married. I adored the dynamic of their interactions before they got together, and I'd love to see more of that. I'm sure it wasn't all roses, not with two rather highly-strung people, but of course it's their personalities, and in particular Sebastian's, that make them so fascinating. I'd love to see sparks fly between them, despite (or in some ways because of!) them being very much in love. A ballet/musical setting would be lovely. Something that brings to life the wild Northumberland backdrop would also be lovely.

Fandom-specific squicks: fluff

Ease of familiarisation - This is a series of books, and reading either the first (A Dream of Sadler's Wells) or the second (Veronica at the Wells) would be all you'd need. They're out of print, but I've seen often seen them in UK public libraries, if that helps you. By the way, if you do like ballet stories, these are a cut above the usual 'girl dreams of being a ballerina'. The characters and the settings - from cheap London boarding houses to the wilds of Northumberland - remained vivid in my memory for years.

Wilby Wonderful - Duck and Dan

This film makes me feel like these guys really deserve some happiness, and I'd love to see them get it. A happy-ever-after fic would be great. (Not too much fluff, please!) Something set before or during the film would be great too, if you prefer. In that case any kind of tone would be fine, dark or light.

Fandom-specific squicks: something that concentrates solely on Dan's suicidal period, particular from his POV. Referring to it is fine, of course -- I'd just rather not read an entire fic focussing on it.

Ease of familiarisation - This is a film which I have never managed to find on line, unfortunately. It is available on Netflix, however, if you have access to that.

Well, that's it! Hope you have fun writing.

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