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Holiday gift season!

I do love exchanges - they make this time of year at lot of fun, not to mention the huge mountains of fic they generate for us all to enjoy... I still have all of Yuletide and lewis_challenge's Lewis Secret Santa to explore, and Snupin Secret Santa is still posting too.

I want to particularly encourage people to check out the fic and podfic made for me, all of which come heartily recommended.

Due South Seekrit Santa

Why I Lied to You by Queue. This is a long (impressively long!) podfic of one of my own DS stories. I only started listening to podfic this year, and this one is particularly well read, in a great dramatic voice.

Holmes/Watson (ACD)

I doubt tweedisgood needs any introduction for H/W people on my f-list, and I rather felt like I hit the jackpot this year, with two fics and a podfic. The fics were Jubilee, in her inimitable witty style, and Fair Hearts of Finest Glow that rare thing I'm always looking for: great case fic and realism with a dash of slash. And the podfic too, of my own Wintry Morning, Victoria Station! Another great reading... I feel like starting to listen to podfic was one of the best things I did in 2013 :)

Wilby Wonderful

As part of Yuletide I got With You on the Beach of the Sea by busaikko, a beautiful, extraordinarily well-written Duck/Dan story.

And while I'm on the subject of WW, I want to rec another Duck/Dan fic by desireearmfeldt, The Right Place At The Right Time. Another brilliant fic, this time re-imagining the events of the film. [My rather tenuous connection to this fic was just providing the prompt :) ]
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