Garonne (garonne) wrote,

Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello, yuletide writer!

I'm glad we share at least one tiny fandom. Hope you have fun writing about it! I'm really very easy to please - as long as you avoid the things I explicitly say I don't want, I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with :)

General stuff first:

I would very much appreciate it if you didn't include any of the following: noncon, dubcon, explicit het, mpreg, gender-bending, AUs, crossovers, omegaverse, incest, infidelity, soul-bonding trope

Things I'm not too keen on, but don't mind reading if you're keen on writing it: hurt/comfort, anything involving supernatural/fantasy elements

References to religion/Christmas are fine and welcome. Fine to leave them out too, of course.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Lawrence gen or Lawrence/Ali would be very welcome. I'm just fascinated by Lawrence's character, contradictions and complexity. I'm not looking for or expecting a happy ending, but rather something in keeping with the tone of the film. If you go for slash, my preference would be for something understated and not too explicit, preferably with a good dose of UST (or RST, if you prefer).

You can also drawn on some details from A Dangerous Man: Lawrence after Arabia, if you like. I've also seen it. Lawrence/Faisal also welcome in that case.

Chalet School - Joey Bettany

I'd just like to read more about Joey. I particularly love the Tyrol days, but if you want to write about when she's older, that's cool too.

Some more guidelines (feel free to ignore): I also love details about daily life at the school and its organisation, and references to the history, geography and religion of the region.

Nothing explicit, please, and no Google-translate French or German ;D


Anything about Chrestomanci being his usual seemingly vague and actually very sharp self. With at least one appearance by a dressing gown if possible ;)

I'm very fond of Millie and it would be great if she featured too, but not necessary, of course! Feel free to also include any other characters you like. If you signed up expecting to write about Christopher as a child and not Chrestomanci as an adult, that's cool too, of course.

Again, nothing explicit, please, but rather something in keeping with the tone of a children's book.

Blake's 7 - Blake, Avon

I'm hoping for Blake/Avon slash. As bleak and cynical as you like, though something more light-hearted is fine too. I actually like the ending of the series (well, 'like' is not quite the right word! But I do think it was a good ending) and I'd rather you didn't change it, i.e. no PGP stories, please. Of course you can also just ignore the ending by setting the story earlier.

Well, that's it. Thank you, dear anon, and have fun!

Tags: exchanges, yuletide

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