Garonne (garonne) wrote,


Just finished my Yuletide signup!

I requested two book series from my childhood (Yuletide is great for that!): the Chalet School and the Chrestomanci books, and two rather darker and slashier fandoms: Lawrence of Arabia and Blake's 7. And offered Patrick O'Brian's Age of Sail books, Blake's 7, the Chalet School books and The Great Mouse Detective

I was very surprised and pleased to see Blake's 7 in the fandoms list. I nominated it, and then saw it in a post about fandoms that were a bit too large and were going to be disqualified unless someone made a case for them. I didn't try to argue, because it's true that Blake's 7 was a big fandom once, even if not on the internet and not nowadays. But I suppose someone else did argue for it...
Tags: exchanges, yuletide

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