Garonne (garonne) wrote,

Fic length: fic for gift exchanges versus fandom in general

Prompted by a comment by colebaltblue, I wanted to take a look at the difference between fic written for gift exchanges and fic in general.

I had to use fic posted to AO3, since it's pretty difficult/impossible to automatically scrape information about fic posted to LJ or scattered across many other websites. I did scrape livejournal once, to look at fic written for the acd_holmesfest fic exchange, but it took ages, whereas scraping AO3 is easy.

So I wrote a script to automatically extract the metadata info for any subset of fic on AO3, and started by looking at the number of words per fic.

Data and images under the cut:
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Tags: acd_holmesfest, exchanges, holmestice, sherlock holmes, statistics

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