Garonne (garonne) wrote,

Fic rec

Fic rec: Promises, by an anonymous author. Also on AO3 here.

This was written for me as part of the holmestice fic exchange. It's set in the verse of the 2013 Russian TV adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, and it's that rare thing: a really well written, gripping, long, gen casefic.

I love it because it's got so many of the elements I love in fic and mentioned in my sign-up, and which the author was kind enough to include :) But it's also a damn good fic in its own right, and I highly recommend it.

If you're not at all familiar with the TV series it's based on, you might find some aspects of it a bit odd, but they're really not -- that's just how things are in this verse! And it's still definitely worth reading even if you're not familiar with the verse.
Tags: fic recs, holmestice, russian holmes 2013, sherlock holmes

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