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garonne's Journal

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  • garonne@livejournal.com
I'm over 18.

Feel free to friend and defriend at will. If I know you from somewhere, I'll certainly friend you back.

I listen to a lot of podfic and read a fair amount of fic in translation, and I'd be delighted to have anything I wrote translated or made into a podfic. Please do ask first, but I really can't see myself saying no! The only exception to that is translations into French, because for many of my stories either I've translated them into French myself, or they're already translations from French to English...

I used to list my location as 'France and Germany' but livejournal won't let me do that any more, for some reason.

Most of my fic is on AO3 nowadays, under the same username.

I am a native English speaker, by the way (this often comes up when I offer to beta-read for someone, or I'm looking for a beta-reader myself).