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New 'obscure Holmes' fic collection on AO3

Good news for anyone who is interested in some of the rather more obscure Holmes adaptations! sanguinity, phoenixfalls and k_e_p have set up a new collection on AO3, for Sherlock Holmes fic that's not in one of the 'big five' verses (BBC Sherlock, Elementary, House M.D., the Ritchie films, ACD canon). It's here on AO3.

In other news, I've been away from LJ for a while, so today I was trying to catch up with my friends list, and I discovered it only goes back three weeks, or 630 entries, one or the other. I thought it went back in time indefinitely...

Cool stuff on AO3

Here's a webpage that I wish I'd discovered ages ago, with tools, plugins and bookmarklets for AO3, for doing stuff like sorting by the kudos/hits ratio, adding better search functionality, downloading statistics:


I spent an hour on Sunday writing a very clunky script to try to do some of this stuff myself, and then discovered this page right afterwards, damnit...