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Fic length: fic for gift exchanges versus fandom in general

Prompted by a comment by colebaltblue, I wanted to take a look at the difference between fic written for gift exchanges and fic in general.

I had to use fic posted to AO3, since it's pretty difficult/impossible to automatically scrape information about fic posted to LJ or scattered across many other websites. I did scrape livejournal once, to look at fic written for the acd_holmesfest fic exchange, but it took ages, whereas scraping AO3 is easy.

So I wrote a script to automatically extract the metadata info for any subset of fic on AO3, and started by looking at the number of words per fic.

Data and images under the cut:
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Statistics on the acd_holmesfest exchange over the past 6 rounds

TL;DR: acd_holmesfest participants tend to produce PG-rated fic in the range 2000-4000 words, with a slight preference for M/M fic (almost exclusively Holmes/Watson) over gen fic, but with more gen fic than fandom in general.

Inspired by billiethepoet's recent analysis of the holmestice fic exchange, I did a purely descriptive statistical analysis of the contributions to acd_holmesfest over the years. Basically I wanted to put some numbers on stuff I've been curious about for ages.

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Just finished my Yuletide signup!

I requested two book series from my childhood (Yuletide is great for that!): the Chalet School and the Chrestomanci books, and two rather darker and slashier fandoms: Lawrence of Arabia and Blake's 7. And offered Patrick O'Brian's Age of Sail books, Blake's 7, the Chalet School books and The Great Mouse Detective

I was very surprised and pleased to see Blake's 7 in the fandoms list. I nominated it, and then saw it in a post about fandoms that were a bit too large and were going to be disqualified unless someone made a case for them. I didn't try to argue, because it's true that Blake's 7 was a big fandom once, even if not on the internet and not nowadays. But I suppose someone else did argue for it...

Holiday gift season!

I do love exchanges - they make this time of year at lot of fun, not to mention the huge mountains of fic they generate for us all to enjoy... I still have all of Yuletide and lewis_challenge's Lewis Secret Santa to explore, and Snupin Secret Santa is still posting too.

I want to particularly encourage people to check out the fic and podfic made for me, all of which come heartily recommended.

Due South Seekrit Santa

Why I Lied to You by Queue. This is a long (impressively long!) podfic of one of my own DS stories. I only started listening to podfic this year, and this one is particularly well read, in a great dramatic voice.

Holmes/Watson (ACD)

I doubt tweedisgood needs any introduction for H/W people on my f-list, and I rather felt like I hit the jackpot this year, with two fics and a podfic. The fics were Jubilee, in her inimitable witty style, and Fair Hearts of Finest Glow that rare thing I'm always looking for: great case fic and realism with a dash of slash. And the podfic too, of my own Wintry Morning, Victoria Station! Another great reading... I feel like starting to listen to podfic was one of the best things I did in 2013 :)

Wilby Wonderful

As part of Yuletide I got With You on the Beach of the Sea by busaikko, a beautiful, extraordinarily well-written Duck/Dan story.

And while I'm on the subject of WW, I want to rec another Duck/Dan fic by desireearmfeldt, The Right Place At The Right Time. Another brilliant fic, this time re-imagining the events of the film. [My rather tenuous connection to this fic was just providing the prompt :) ]