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List of recent fic

Round-up of all the fic I posted to AO3 since I last made one of these posts here on LJ about six months ago. I finished a lot of WIPs recently, which was my New Year's Resolution, so that's cool. Most of the words in these fics were actually written in 2013-2015. An enormous thank you to laurose8, sanguinity, Dawnwind and the mfuwss comm for beta-reading help!

Sherlock Holmes (ACD)

Like Butter
Holmes/Watson, 1000 words
This is pretty much a PWP. More explicit than I usually write, for the come_at_once comm.

The Red Notebook
Holmes/Watson, 10600 words
Holmes is dead, or seems to be. Watson starts to write, and Mycroft starts to read. Set during the Hiatus. Mycroft's POV.

My Dearly Beloved Detective (Holmes adaptation)

The Hue and Cry
F/F, one-sided Holmes/Watson
Based on the film My Dearly Beloved Detective, which I posted about here. Written for k_e_p during holmestice.

Starsky and Hutch

Second Thoughts
Gen, 1500 words
A few weeks before they graduate from the Academy, Hutch returns to Bay City to find something's bothering Starsky. Written several years ago as a Christmas gift for Nicky Gabriel.

Starsky and Hutch vs the World
Starsky/Hutch, 31000 words
The first time they noticed that spark between them, they were still at the Academy. A decade later, they finally talk about it. And that's just the beginning.
Longest fic I've ever written! Finally finished it during the wipbigbang. With cover page by Alobear.

Man from UNCLE

The Under the Ice Affair
Gen, 14000 words
Illya and his team of agents are stranded north of the Arctic Circle, and the only way Napoleon can get there is to commandeer a submarine and go under the polar ice cap. With illustrations by loxleyprince!
This is basically a result of my decades-long love affair with submarines.

Gen, 2400 words
On a rainy night in Belgrade, a Soviet scientist knocks on Napoleon and Illya's hotel room door and announces that he wants to defect. Written at the mfuwss comm.

Where the Heather Grows Best
Gen with hints of het, 3600 words
Illya is on a mission on the Isle of Skye when he makes friends with an art student on a painting holiday. This was written for lindafishes8 at the mfu_scrapbook comm.

Almost a year's worth of fic

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some nasty pains that suddenly appeared in my hands and wrists. It hasn't got worse, thank goodness, though I was pretty scared it would. It seems to wax and wane, sometimes even disappearing... I guess it's going to be something long-term, but not completely disastrous, i.e. I can still work, and with the help of technology still also write fic :) (I should have been more worried about not being able to work, since obviously I need the salary, and in fact the vast majority of typing I do in a day is at work -- but irrationally I was just as upset about not being able to write fic...)

Speaking of fic, I've just realised I haven't posted any here since early January, though I have written quite a lot. All links go to AO3.

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Fic: An Act of Contrition

Title: An Act of Contrition
Author: garonne
Characters: Holmes and Watson (gen)
Rating: PG
Words: 3500
Warnings: None

Summary: Watson lies injured in a field in France, an unopened letter in his pocket.

Notes: This was my holmestice 2012 fic for alone_dreaming. Many thanks to two very helpful people: eanor for alpha-reading and Loki's Campaign Manager for beta-reading.

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Fic: The Grand Tour (WIP)

Title: The Grand Tour (1/5)
Author: Garonne
Words: 3400 (this part)
Rating: G
Summary: AU. Holmes and Watson spend the hiatus travelling around the world in disguise. High jinks and adventures ensue. Not slash.

Note: Part of Reflekshun's 100 prompts challenge. Prompts: form, write, bag, rough, dog and merchant
Another note: I've written poor Mary out of existence for this one – I didn't want Watson to spend the whole story in mourning! Hence the reason for Watson still living in Baker Street during the events of The Final Problem.

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Fic: On Ilkley Moor

Title: On Ilkley Moor
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Holmes, Watson
Word count: 9300
Summary: A distinguished chemist appears to be cursed. Holmes gets to do some chemistry, Watson gets to suffer a series of unfortunate events and everything is pervaded by a miasma of eeriness.
Warnings: Mild horror and spookiness. Not supernatural, though.
Note: This story was originally written for November's MiniWriMo on watsons_woes

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