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Almost a year's worth of fic

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some nasty pains that suddenly appeared in my hands and wrists. It hasn't got worse, thank goodness, though I was pretty scared it would. It seems to wax and wane, sometimes even disappearing... I guess it's going to be something long-term, but not completely disastrous, i.e. I can still work, and with the help of technology still also write fic :) (I should have been more worried about not being able to work, since obviously I need the salary, and in fact the vast majority of typing I do in a day is at work -- but irrationally I was just as upset about not being able to write fic...)

Speaking of fic, I've just realised I haven't posted any here since early January, though I have written quite a lot. All links go to AO3.

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Fic: Extract from the Annals of the London Metropolitan Police Service (Holmes/Watson)

I seem to be writing very little this year, for some reason. Thanks goodness for acd_holmesfest or I'd hardly be writing anything at all! But in the meantime, here's a Holmes ficlet.

Title: Extract from the Annals of the London Metropolitan Police Service
Characters/Pairings: Lestrade, Holmes/Watson
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word count: 1400
Summary: Lestrade's POV

Lestrade is called around to Baker Street one evening and finds himself in a delicate situation.

Read here on AO3.

This was written specifically to be podficced as part of pod_together 2014, so if you listen to podfic, make sure you download Miss SB's audio version at the same link.