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'tis the season to sign up for fic exchanges

So, I really like fic exchanges. I just love snooping around someone's journal and working out exactly what they love to read. I love waking up one morning and finding I've got a fic written specially for me.

In fact, I like them so much I'm in the process of signing up for far too many of them!

  • eagle_exchange This one's posting right now!

  • acd_holmesfest This is the exchange I always wished existed. So very much looking forward to posting time.

  • Snupin Santa I'm even helping organising this, in a small way :)

  • yuletide For two years in a row I've chickened out of signing up for this one, so this time I'm determined not to *serious, determined face* But the lists of fandoms are so long and overwhelming!

  • Lewis Secret Santa Bursting with inspiration for this one.

However, all this means I'm signing myself up to write at least 9000 or 10000 words between now and mid-December, which is... scary. But possible. Probably. *gulps*