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Some recent fic (Holmes/Watson and due South)

Title: The Rose Grew Round the Briar
Fandom: ACD Holmes
Pairings: Holmes/Watson, established relationship
Rating: PG
Word count: 4,000
Warnings: None
Summary: When Holmes has an unexpected encounter with a figment of Watson's imagination, and Watson confesses to a clandestine correspondence, a weekend on the Sussex coast takes a sudden turn for the better.

Notes: This was written as part of acd_holmesfest for alafaye. Many thanks to thesmallhobbit for beta-reading!

Something had been troubling Watson for over a week now, and the change of scenery from London to Sussex seemed to have done little to help...

Title: The Way the World is
Fandom: due South
Characters/pairings: Vecchio's POV, Fraser/Kowalski established relationship
Rating: R
Word count: 20,000
Warnings: None
Notes: This was written for the DS-C6D Big Bang, and omens has made the most beautiful, evocative art to go with it, here. Many thanks to andeincascade for beta-reading!

Two years post-COTW, Ray Vecchio is back at the 2-7.

Fraser and me, we have a great thing going, a great partnership. For a tiny moment back there I thought this other guy had wriggled in on my turf: Kowalski, the guy who was supposed to be covering for me while I was in Vegas. Hell, him and Fraser even spent a couple of months together up in the frozen wastelands, messing around on dogsleds. But then Fraser wrote that he was coming back to Chicago, back to his old gig at the Consulate. Kowalski got transferred right out of Chicago and we never got wind of him since.

Then the consequences of a murder inquiry make RayV start to wonder whether Fraser's keeping secrets from him.

Story here.