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Automatic prose analysis tool

This morning I tried using an online prose analysis tool. Most of them you have to pay for, but I tested a free one called ProwritingAid. My only previous experience with this kind of thing was the so-called grammar corrections in Microsoft Word, which are pretty much 100% wrong. This online tool turned out to be a bit more advanced!

The tool wasn't perfect, but it was useful. You paste in some text and it runs an analysis. Unfortunately you have to sign up for a free account to see the results. Here's a screenshot of what the output looks like (click for bigger image).

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Voice recognition software

I've hurt my hands and can't type , so I'm dictating this with voice recognition software ,. As you can see , it works surprisingly well . you can try it out for yourself online here :


It will only work in the Google Chrome browser , so you need to install that first .
I've been playing around with it all weekend . the funny thing is, how well it works depends as much on the language itself as on how you speak . Mr Garonne has been testing its too . we both have fairly strong non-standard accents in German and English , and fairly mild or in his case completely neutral accents in French . and yet we can dictate in German with almost 100% accuracy , in English fairly well , as you see here , but in French , the thing doesn't work so well . probably because German is a very ambiguous language , whereas in French , there are many words which sounded like but are spelled differently . and English is somewhere in between . as you can see however , there's no way to control capitalization , and there are no quotation marks , making it a bit frustrating for dictating fic . . .

By the way, if you do try to play with that dictation.io site , you'll find it works much better with a real microphone instead of the computers internal microphone !

Cool stuff on AO3

Here's a webpage that I wish I'd discovered ages ago, with tools, plugins and bookmarklets for AO3, for doing stuff like sorting by the kudos/hits ratio, adding better search functionality, downloading statistics:


I spent an hour on Sunday writing a very clunky script to try to do some of this stuff myself, and then discovered this page right afterwards, damnit...