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Automatic prose analysis tool

This morning I tried using an online prose analysis tool. Most of them you have to pay for, but I tested a free one called ProwritingAid. My only previous experience with this kind of thing was the so-called grammar corrections in Microsoft Word, which are pretty much 100% wrong. This online tool turned out to be a bit more advanced!

The tool wasn't perfect, but it was useful. You paste in some text and it runs an analysis. Unfortunately you have to sign up for a free account to see the results. Here's a screenshot of what the output looks like (click for bigger image).

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End-of-year fic-writing meme

There are a few questions I felt awkward about answering or simply couldn't think of an answer for, so I just left them out! So if anyone wants to do the meme after seeing this post, better copy it from somewhere else (in my case, I got if from seascribe :) )

Fiction posted in 2015:

In addition to the fic I listed in this post a few months ago there was also:

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This year I wrote and posted:
Wrote 100000 words and posted 60000 words in the fandoms Sherlock Holmes (ACD canon, 10000 words), The Professionals (26000 words), Man from UNCLE (22000 words) and Snape/Lupin, Dumbledore/Grindelwald (Harry Potter, 2000 words)

Overall Thoughts:

The first and most important thing is to mention and thank the people who beta-read the fic listed here, helped with research or just generally egged me on: vsee, tripleransom, everyone at the LJ comm mfuwss, JoJo, the_wretching, yaoi_hunter, spikesgirl58, Elijahwildchild, loxleyprince and laurose8.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
About the same as every year since I took up writing again back in January 2011.

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Advertising some writing comms

Every year for the past three or four, I've participated in this writing challenge:

GetYourWordsOut: Year Eight!
Pledges & Requirements | GYWO.net

You sign up to try and reach a certain wordcount each year (but it doesn't matter if you don't - I always sign up for the lowest goal of 150,000 words and never reach it!) and you have monthly check-ins, plus various writings events and posts about writing. Also some very useful Open Office or Excel spreadsheets with lots of features to keep track of what you're writing.

Thanks to hardboiledbaby I also just discovered this other writing comm: 1_million_words. Don't know much about it yet, but it looks very interesting.

There's also ushobwri. I joined it and then didn't participate at all, but it also looks great. It's not really about counting words, but more about discussion, support and encouragement, and it looks like the community is very big and active.
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I do like receiving concrit on fic* but I know it's not easy to give. For my own part, at least, I don't think I've ever given someone a negative/constructive review - you never know if it's something they'll appreciate or if they really only want the more feel-good type of comment.

But I DO want concrit, and thanks to seascribe I just discovered this comm where you encourage people to leave (anonymous) concrit in your comment thread:

my thread here

So, you know, please do! I have a pretty thick skin, honestly.

*Okay, so admittedly my first reaction is always Oh no! Argh! Embarrassment... But in the long run I am glad to have got it.
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Angst bingo card

I just spent a very enjoyable hour perusing all the bingo cards LJ has to offer (inspired by ride_4ever), before settling on this one. For one wild moment I did consider signing up for kink-bingo, but then I chickened out...

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Everything I've tried to write over the past year has turned a 20,000-word monster, so this is an attempt to write little and often instead. Let's see how that works out… ;)