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Recent(ish) fic

Various fic from the past few months, in fandoms new and old, all posted on AO3.

Two X-Men fics


4000 words, rated M, Charles/Erik. This was written for frau_kali for the Secret Mutant exchange. Angsty canon-compliant post-DOFP fic with a happy-ish ending.

Listening Comprehension

3000 words, rated M, Charles/Erik. This one's angsty canon-compliant XMFC fic with an ending that's only happy if you really squint...

The Great Mouse Detective

A More Benign Use for Oil of Vitriol

2000 words, rated G. Written for AnInternationalReputation as part of Yuletide. A little adventure for Olivia and Dr Dawson (with cameos from ACD's Holmes and Watson)

The Eagle of the Ninth

A Long Way from Etruria

2000 words, rated G, Marcus/Esca. Written for Chantefable as part of the Eagle Exchange, many years ago...

Recent gifts

Three fic recs!

I was lucky enough to receive not only my gift fic but also a treat in the X-Men Secret Mutant exchange. They're both quite dark, angsty and Magneto-centric, just what I was hoping for. They're also both very powerful, very well-written fics and definitely worth a read. One was This island we cling to by daymarket, and the other Snow in Dusseldorf by Sophia_Bee

Moving on to something a little more light-hearted (but still quite scary in places, actually!) -- the children's series Chrestomanci. For yuletide I got a lovely long fic that would have fitted right into the original series. If by chance anyone on my f-list has heard of Chrestomanci, you'll enjoy this: What Dreams by LookingForOctober.